What is Theosophy?

Theosophy (theo-sophia, meaning Divine Wisdom), is the mystery religion of all times, the essence of truth in all religions established on Earth.

"I would like to explain what Theosophy really means. It means, as you well know, at least some of you, Divine Wisdom. It means celebrating all religions coming from the One God, the One God who sends to Earth different messengers, who work up religions to suit the temperament and the different races of humanity that have been walking on Earth for a long time.

In Theosophy we celebrate Buddhism and Judaism and Egyptian philosophy - everything you can call a religion or a philosophy we celebrate in Theosophy, because Theosophy encompasses all of that. We are not one religion, we are all religions. 

Theosophy is the Mother of all religions, making the foundation stone from ages past to all the religions and philosophies you are knowing as established, also not so much established religions on Earth" (Ananda Tara Shan, 2002, What Theosophy Really Means).